• 22+ GW

    of power

  • 2.7 million M3 day

    of desalinated water


Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission:

Reliably delivering electricity and desalinated water at the lowest possible cost.

Our Vision:

To ensure the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of the private sector and make available electricity and desalinated water in a reliable manner to support social development and economic growth of nations.

  • What we value:

    ms-courage.png safety

    Everything we do relies upon the safety and well-being of our workforce and the communities around us. We care about minimizing environmental impact and are committed to reliably delivering power and desalinated water to the world.

  • What we value:

    ms-courage.png people

    We accomplish more as a team rather than as individuals. Our success in partnerships comes from cultivating the diversity, innovation and courage of our people.

  • What we value:

    ms-courage.png performance

    We are a performance driven company building an enduring legacy by continually improving through operational excellence. We put systems, processes, policies and governance mechanisms in place to advance our core business and community objectives.